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Interview with DJ Galactic

Why creating and producing music alone?

DJ Galactic:The Comet is my 4th music Album produced almost alone. First I strongly believe that creating and producing music alone, is the best way to express an artistic music vision.

How did You come to the idea of recording an Electronic music album?

DJ Galactic: After Rebirth (2005), Galactic Funk (2007) and Electro Effect (2010), which were quite a success, I decided to continue in the Electronic Music World : but I wanted to focus more on the French Touch aspect. Creating a more conventionnal electronic music with jazz and funky grooves was quite a challenge for me.

Can you define Electronic Music ?

DJ Galactic: It's difficult to define this. There are all kind of Electronic music.Basically, it s machine drum based music with guitare, bass recorded. Most of electonic music artist use a computer (PC) with a good sound card, and editing software. Me I have used, a AMD PC Dual Core that I have build my self, with Cubase SX3 and Reason together to make it. I also use grooveboxes in Electro Effect (MC 808 and MC 909 + Electribe). I switched to hardware in 2009 to be able to play live my own music, on youtube and dailymotion. I think computer even if they are more powerful are limited, when it is about creativity and fun to play; all the plug ins and virttual instruments will never replace real hardware.

Why Electronic Music?

DJ Galactic: I found my path in electronic music. This way is the best for me because I can create what I want, and also it let me experiment some new music style (Electro Jazz, Electro Funk). In The Comet, I felt that this music album is really a part of my personnality, like I can see my self in the mirror, by listening to the music. It's a kind of authobiographic album.

How do you define The Comet's music Style?

DJ Galactic: This is not an easy question : I will let people comment on it and sees what critics says. In the beginning of the project I was thinking about the Electro Funk music of the 80's, that inspired me a lot. I tyred to analyze it and I have made a research about their way of producing music. In my point of view, I tryed to represent the French touch music : it's electronic music, with vocoder ( I used many kind of vocoders) which gives the futuristic element. I also bringed Jazz funk grooves, and even some hip hop ingredient. It's a futuristic undergound style!

Why no cover songs in your The Comet Album?

DJ Galactic : I just like to create! It s my pleasure to bring new original songs. By the way I do remix music, on my youtube channel, and I prefer to keep it that way and sepaerate my personnal work from the remix project. If you want to check my remix just go in my youtube channel here

Are you working on a new music album?

DJ Galactic: Indeed I am going to release a new music Album in 2012 with 10-15 new songs and videos.

What are your music influences ?

DJ Galactic: For this album , I will say Daft punk (because of the vocoder) : I didn't try to do like them, I just used some technical means they have done in their Discovery Album. But my style is totally different, more underground I think, and less rock. I think we can say that we both belong to the french touch and that s the only thing we can comparate. My second music influence, is Jamiroquai, for the Soul funk style. I am interested by many kind of music, but I think these two artist have contribuate to the Galactic Funk music Project.

How did You produced "The Comet " and why this Album title?

DJ Galactic: I produced this music album in my home studio in Israel. It took me 1 year to produce this music Album. Beeing alone, make things much more longer. I choosed this title, because It sounds futuristic, and the word Comet resume the music flavour of the album. THe comet was entirely ther result of my Youtube experience with live mix. All songs have been mixed live on Youtube. You can follow this link to see all live mix from Youtube.


What can you say about this new website?

I would like first to say thanks to Dan Mor who designed this website. As you know the goal is not only to promote my music but also to show how I produce electronic music, to follow emerging indie artist on the web, and to review the best hardware and software available.

What is the purpose of your Youtube Music Channel?

The idea is to show how live music is so important to me. To be able to express live with the help of internet is really a nice experience because you get the feedback of the youtube community. I craft music for live since 2010, and this all I want to do. All my new music go to the youtube channel first ; it means that my channel is like the open door to my music studio, with no barriers.

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